11 Reasons to Switch to Magnet

1. Magnet Delivers High Speed Broadband

Magnet has its very own Fibre Network Infrastructure meaning you get the fastest speeds, ping and low latency. Rated the fastest broadband service provider in 2014 by Netflix for 12 consecutive months, Magnet has consistently proven why it is considered one of the top providers of High Speed Broadband with Download Speeds of up to 1000mbps in some areas.


 2. Magnet Provides Excellent Value For Money

We understand that for every business cost matters and our goal is to always provide value to your company by delivering savings with increased bandwidth, cloud telephony, reduced inter-office call costs and zero line-rental costs.

At Magnet, we aim to work with you to create a package and service that delivers everything your business needs at a competitive price.


 3. Magnet’s Environment is Highly Secure

Security should be a top priority for any business. At Magnet we have invested heavily in creating our very own Irish infrastructure which we manage day and night to ensure the security of your service is always maintained.


4. Magnet Gives World Class Support

You may need a hand with your service so we have created a detailed support centre on our website to help you. We also have an extended hours support call centre to handle any questions.


Telephone: 1890 819 888.

Call-Centre Hours:

8am – 8pm Monday to Friday

10am – 4pm Saturday, Sunday, Bank Holidays


5. Magnet Assigns a Personal Account Manager to Each Customer


We know businesses cannot afford to be offline for even a moment so each business customer is assigned a dedicated Account Manager whose role it is to ensure that communication lines are always open and the highest possible service levels are delivered.

6. Magnet Best-in-class Hosting

We offer a full suite of hosting services which can be delivered over any broadband, giving you the best hosting and connected experience. With Magnet Hosting we use purpose built high performance servers which allow high speed connectivity as well as an uptime guarantee amongst other benefits.


7. Magnet has Proven Track Record of Cost Saving

Magnet has proven time and time again that we can provide considerable savings on top of incredible service to businesses. Many of our clients have seen as much as a 50% cost saving by switching to Magnet. Take a look at some of our case studies to see examples of the savings that can be made with Magnet.

8. Magnet has a Predictable Monthly Fee

At Magnet, we keep it simple so that you can opt to only pay a fixed monthly fee for the exact service you choose.

9. Magnet Voice (VoIP)

Magnet Voice integrates all the voice communication needs of your business to the cloud. Choosing Magnet Voice offers the following advantages:

  • Enhanced voice functionality.
  • Secure access.
  • Fully scalable to grow with your business, you only pay for new phone handsets when you need them.
  • Connect remote workers easily.
  • Manage Magnet Voice service from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Manage the phone systems of all your offices online with the Magnet Voice web-portal.

10. Magnet Increases Productivity and Efficiency

Faster upload, download and transfer times as well as easier document sharing help companies become more efficient. Company productivity also improves as a number of users can simultaneously use the internet with little to no effect on the overall performance of the broadband connection.


11. Magnet Allows you to Seemlessly Work Remotely

With Magnet Cloud, companies can access and retrieve their data from wherever they are whether that be in the office, at home or sipping drinks on a beach on the other side of the world! With everything we do for Small Business, Medium Business and Enterprise , Magnet is taking Irish Business to the Cloud, be part of it!