Broadband Anywhere

With Broadband Anywhere, Magnet Networks can now rapidly deploy high-speed connectivity virtually anywhere in Ireland.

Broadband Anywhere delivers rapid deployment high-speed broadband, virtually anywhere in Ireland.

Order online today and your self-install pack will be shipped within 24 hours.

Is your business or home within coverage of a mobile phone signal? If so, Broadband Anywhere can connect you to high-speed broadband instantly. Simply choose from three monthly usage packs along with self-installation. Equally importantly, you can choose from different data allowance levels, meaning you only pay for the level of service that you actually need.

Anywhere 100
€59 / month*

Anywhere 250
€69 / month*

Anywhere 600
€89 / month*

Broadband Anywhere is provided on a 24-month contract.

*All prices quoted ex-VAT, once-off €49 activation fee per unit applies

Order Broadband Anywhere

Ordering is simple. Just select from one of three monthly usage packs, tell us where you will be installing the service and how many do you need (if multiple locations), complete your payment details and hit the ever important ‘Buy Now’ button. Your order will be shipped to your installation location(s) within 24 hours.

Why choose Broadband Anywhere?

Available wherever you are

As Ireland’s largest connectivity network, Magnet Networks is dedicated to offering rapid deployment high-speed connectivity to businesses virtually anywhere in Ireland.

Broadband Anywhere gives your business dedicated connectivity wherever you are, whether that’s in the office or to enable your employees to work from home. Broadband Anywhere can even form an integral part of your business continuity plan.

Pay according to use

Our introductory package, Anywhere 100, offers 100Gb for just €59 a month*. If more capacity is needed, Anywhere 250 delivers 250Gb for €69 a month*. The highest capacity requirements can be handled by Anywhere 600 which lets you send and receive up to 600Gb for €89 a month*.

Easy installation

As it operates wirelessly, Broadband Anywhere can be rapidly deployed within 24 hours. Sign up online now with plug and play Self Installation or talk to us today and a certified engineer can call to your premises or home and set up your connection with minimal disruption. A once-off installation charge applies to cover this.

Matching your needs

Your data usage is monitored proactively. This means your business will always receive the level of service you need, within your chosen data allowance package. If you need to change your package, you can do it anytime with a single call.

Dedicated support

Broadband Anywhere is supported by a dedicated team of support technicians who can be contacted at An extended-hours call centre can also answer any questions about Broadband Anywhere.

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