In-Building Wi-Fi

Completely controllable, flexible and scalable, Magnet In-Building Wi-Fi lets you connect your entire building wirelessly with speeds up to 200mbps.


Powerful and scalable

With ranges of up to XX metres from each access point and delivering speeds of up 200Mbps, Magnet In-Building Wi-Fi can manage big data loads with ease. And if you need to expand its reach and capacity, this can be done easily and quickly.

Reach out when they log-in

When guests log-in, you can instantly deliver relevant messages or offers.

Complete control

You can adjust bandwidth allowances per user and decide who has access to wi-fi – and when it’s available to them. You can also see who’s using the wi-fi at any time and control guest access too.

Anywhere access

As it’s cloud-controlled, you can log-in and control manage Magnet In-Building Wi-Fi from anywhere in the world, using your laptop or smart device.

Key Points:

  • Completely scalable
  • Ranges up to XX metres
  • Managed from any smart device
  • Control access and use by staff and guests

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