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Stephen & Ruth Deasy - Bear Market

Stephen & Ruth Deasy – Bear Market

Thanks to Magnet Networks, fumbling for change to pay for a coffee has become a thing of the past at Bear Market in Dublin’s George’s Street.

On 8 April, Bear Market became Ireland’s very first cashless store. This means customers now have one thing in common: whether they’re ordering a cappuccino, a skinny latte, hot chocolate or speciality tea, they all pay by tapping a card rather than handing over notes or coins.

Owners Stephen and Rachel Deasy were inspired to make this leap after seeing how efficient cashless cafés were in New York. However, they also realized that relying solely on electronic payments meant Bear Market’s online connection had to be 100% reliable. To achieve this, Magnet Networks equipped the store with a broadband connection that ensures nothing prevents payments being made.

In busy city centres, internet outages are unusual. But road construction, flooding and other mishaps can mean connectivity is occasionally lost.

To overcome this, Magnet Networks put in place a failover link or a secondary internet link that ensures there’s no downtime if the main link fails for any reason.

“The business is now built on connectivity. Our app has a pre-order element so that customers can pre-load credit and then benefit from discounts.” Stephen says.

“We need total security with built-in failsafes and fallbacks so we never lose connectivity. If we lose our broadband, we lose business, it’s as simple as that.”

With this level of security now available, many other businesses will follow Bear Market’s cashless example. And as Magnet Networks can now offer secure broadband connectivity virtually anywhere in Ireland, businesses needn’t be located in a city centre to enjoy the benefits of the cashless revolution.

Magnet Networks Products Used

  • Dedicated Internet Access
  • Fully Managed Phone System
  • Managed Wi-Fi & Guest Capture
  • Industry Leading Cyber Security
  • Multiple Broadband Options
  • Digital Transformation

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