The highlights:

Concern Worldwide is an Irish charitable organisation that provides emergency humanitarian assistance and development aid to combat extreme poverty in developing countries. Magnet’s services are helping Concern Worldwide to:

  • Make impressive savings –
  • €144K saved over a two year term contract – a 53% reduction on previous costs
  • Freeing up funds to make a move to the cloud, a further cost-saving measure
  • Higher bandwidth facilitates use of low-cost call services such as Skype
  • Improve its IT infrastructure –
  • Increased Concern’s bandwidth by a factor of 5
  • Communicate efficiently –
  • Using IP telephony to contact countries with no fixed line telecommunications
  • Increased bandwidth as an enabler for an increased web presence
  • Voice services are critical to subscriptions, one of Concern’s key revenue generation activities
  • Have confidence in its IT –
  • Disasters such as the Haiti earthquake have tested and proven the dependability of the service – Concern’s Head of ICT and Facilities, Vincent Richardson, describes the service as “extremely reliable”


Dublin is the hub for Concern’s global network. All of its email access and Internet routes go through its Dublin headquarters so Concern needed the most cost-effective, high speed broadband on the market to allow it to carry more traffic at a faster rate.

As Concern deals with some of the most unstable countries in the world, reliable communications are vital. The countries in which it works, whether through disaster or poorly developed infrastructure, provide very different communications challenges. Some have no fixed line communications or Internet, so flexible solutions are crucial.


For years Concern was with a large national telecoms provider who provided its broadband and voice services over traditional 2Mbps copper leased line. Following a review of its telecoms cost-base and efficiency, Magnet Business was awarded the contract to provide Concern’s IP telephony and data, using Magnet’s Next Generation Network for both. According to Richardson the changeover was seamless:
“The fact that none of our staff noticed the changeover itself was great as it was a sign that service was meeting the demands of our daily activities.”

The dramatically lower costs Magnet offered was the principal deciding factor for choosing Magnet with a massive €144k in savings delivered over 2 years- a 53% reduction on previous costs. Furthermore the 2 Mbps broadband service was increased five fold to 10Mbps delivered over Magnet’s Next Generation Network, versus the previous copper-based leased line.


Richardson recalls one instance where technology triumphed over natural disaster:
“When the Haiti earthquake hit in January 2010 no calls were going in or out, fixed or mobile. However, we were able to get sound bites out to the media in Ireland an hour after it happened because we could make calls using our IP telephony service.”

According to Richardson, the greatly increased broadband speeds Magnet provide is allowing the organisation to use IP telephony and free online facilities such as Skype much more effectively:

“We are confident that no matter where we are calling, we will have the right service from Magnet to suit it. In cases where we were calling a country with no fixed phone line service we used to call mobiles, which could end up costing us an awful lot, even for one call. The IP telephony helps overcome this challenge and, with the higher bandwidth, we are also able to use Skype for these calls. So, we are not only making savings on our broadband bill, but the service is also facilitating further savings.”

Speaking of the company’s plan to move to the cloud Richardson says: “Following the savings we’ve made through Magnet, we are now planning to make the move to cloud computing. This is something we probably would not have considered were it not for the fact that we had made these savings. It’s a move that we hope will, again, cut costs for us in the long run.”

About Magnet Business

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