The highlights:

Since DB Computer Solutions chose Magnet Network’s uncontended broadband and phone service, the company has benefitted as follows:

  • Impressive savings
  • Its telecoms costs per month are now €400 less
  • No line rental, no maintenance fees and one combined bill
  • Improved flexibility for employees
  • Employees are now able to work from home with resulting life/work balance satisfaction
  •  Improved IT infrastructure
  • An uncontended- or unshared- broadband connection that never fluctuates during business hours.


DB Computer Solutions provides its customers with total Sage & IT support, nationally and internationally.  The business is focused on advising its clients of the most efficient, cost effective and profitable systems available from IT Support to payroll solutions.

DB Computer’s main office is in Limerick with 13 employees, three of whom work from home daily, and it wanted to provide flexibility for its employees to work remotely. Its current service, however, didn’t enable this so it sought a phone and broadband solution, which was fast, reliable, and flexible enough to accommodate mobile and home workers


After researching suppliers, DB chose Magnet Network’s uncontended broadband and phone service, VoiceNet.  Not only did it provide greater flexibility for employees who required a mobile working environment, but it also offered cost savings of €400 per month.

Initially, the need to change providers was caused by a long-time employee wishing to balance work/life more easily. “I had an employee who’d been with us for eight years. It was a case of either find a flexible solution, or lose a valuable member of my team,” says Ian Cumiskey, DB’s director. “We had a simple ISDN telephone system with Eircom, but I had to find a cost-effective and reliable way for our employees to be mobile.”

With the existing system they had in place, employees who required time out of the office would constantly be required to check their voicemail for messages.  Furthermore, a great deal of business requires employees to access clients’ software remotely.  This meant that DB required a very fast broadband service that didn’t fluctuate during busy business hours.  In choosing Magnet they realised very quickly that they had a faster, smoother solution that quickly made life easier for both the client and the employees.

“We didn’t have to look far, and we didn’t go to tender.  Magnet had everything we were looking for,” said Ian. “We started, initially, with its broadband service and a year later rolled-out its telephone system, too. With the switch, employees can do everything from home – they can remotely access company files and deal with clients as if they are in the office.”

Magnet’s VoiceNet provides a range of features that means working from home is made very simple; employees plug a soft phone into a laptop and calls can be made as if sitting at their office desk.

The service comes with other features including voicemail, call reporting and call queuing.  Unlike other IP Telephony services, Magnet’s is provided over the company’s own private network meaning call quality never becomes an issue.


The work-life balance achieved for DB’s employees with the VoiceNet system has meant a very satisfied workforce for the company. “The system provides a very flexible solution – the staff are happier with the option of working from home.  If their child is sick or if they are sick, they can perform their job as if they are in the office, but in the comfort of their home. It’s a much happier and healthier work environment for everyone,” added Ian.

The previous set-up saw costs mounting between broadband, phone and systems maintenance.  Now, DB has one system, which means no line rental, no maintenance fees and with a monthly saving of €400. In Ian’s words: “Less money for a better product – it’s a no brainer.”

About Magnet Business

Awarded ICT Telecommunications Company of the Year in 2008, Magnet Business offers a range of broadband and phone solutions along with other services such as managed VPNs, IP transit solutions and national and international extensions over fibre. For information on Magnet’s services please visit or call 1800 789 789.