The highlights:

A leading Dublin law firm are keeping their client’s sensitive data safe with enterprise-level cyber security from Magnet Protect.

With their previous provider, Hugh J Ward & Co Solicitors were learning about cyber attacks through the media and playing catch-up to keep their on-premise firewall updated against constantly evolving cyber threats.

But with Magnet Protect, they are now receiving updates long before the attacks make headlines.

“A big part of our compliance effort is to have Magnet Protect in place and make sure our firewall is up to date,” said Kevin McLaughin, COO of Hugh J Ward & Co Solicitors.

“We don’t have a dedicated IT team, so we were reliant on outsourcing that side of our IT infrastructure. We had an on-premise firewall in place and we just found that it was not updated enough.

“When something would arise, we would learn through the media that there was an issue and we would then have to be proactive and contact the provider and ask have they updated the system, and then they would say, ‘Oh no, we will update that for you now.’

“With Magnet Protect, the reaction time is certainly much better. We notice that we get notifications about events before they become media headlines.

“Take the Wannacry attack for example. We received updates on what had already happened via Magnet Protect and Palo Alto long before there was the massive media outcry. So we were happy that we were protected to that level.

“With Magnet Protect we are assured that the firewall is always up to date and that it provides enterprise-level protection with a specialist team working on it at all times.

“And in situations where we have to open up a TLS connection between a client and ourselves, we have a 48-hour turnaround, whereas before that would have taken a couple of weeks on some occasions. So this a much more steady SLA that we can rely on.

“Magnet Protect is a very innovative product to bring to the market. We are a SME and we couldn’t afford this level of technology if we were to do it by ourselves in-house, so I would absolutely recommend Magnet Protect to other businesses.”

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