The highlights:

The Company

IT Group is a Dublin-based IT company providing services such as IT rollout, IT repairs, managed services and project support services to to both retail and corporate customers all over Ireland.

Established in 2000, the company has experienced significant growth over the years. IT Group started by focusing on rollout services, then opening a repair centre and today the company  employs almost 70 people.

The Challenge

With a growing business, IT Group needed a reliable service partner. They wanted all their telecoms services in one place; phones, broadband, call centre and cloud services. It was vital that this partner was flexible too, with a service that could seamlessly adapt to the company’s ever changing needs.


With Magnet Voice, IT Group have found a solution to all their telephony needs in one place; phone lines, handsets, headsets, softphones and an app that picks up all their landline calls on their mobile.

Never miss a call with the Magnet Voice App

As someone who spends a significant amount of time travelling, Rodney has found the Magnet Voice app invaluable. The innovative smartphone app allows him to pick up and make landline calls as if he is at his desk anytime and anywhere. The Magnet Voice app allows Rodney to always be up to date, ensuring he can remain in communication with both customers and staff when on the road. Ultimately, he never misses a business call and this is a significant added value that he can’t get with a plain old telephone system.

“I use their app all the time on my phone to communicate with my customers.”

Call Centre Services a Simple Add-On

Magnet’s advanced call centre service is an integral aspect of the company’s business. It allows them to easily manage all their calls, keep track of when their agents are busy and how workflow is being managed, increasing efficiency. Being able to have call centre services simply as an add-on makes life easy for growing and managing phones.

Scalable Telecom Service

IT Group’s requirements change on a month by month basis, so it’s vital for the company that they have a flexible partner who can tailor their service to rapidly evolving requirements. Magnet’s cloud-based system can seamlessly scale behind the scenes, meaning the company can grow and adapt without constantly worrying if their telecoms provider can keep up with their needs.

“We are constantly growing, and Magnet are constantly changing with us.”

“Magnet are always there”

Magnet’s unique “one to one personality” and support services is a clear differentiator from other providers. Magnet don’t have communication barriers other telcos have;

“They’re always at the end of the line, we can always contact them 24/7, their engineers are efficient, they know us. They got to know our business so they know exactly what we want to do.” 

Magnet provide business customers with a dedicated Account Manager who is on hand to help when problems arise, when change is required or simply when support is required IT Group can rely on Magnet to be there.

“Magnet actually cares about what you do. They make sure we can deliver on our business.”

About Magnet Business

Awarded ICT Telecommunications Company of the Year in 2008, Magnet Business offers a range of broadband and phone solutions along with other services such as managed VPNs, IP transit solutions and national and international extensions over fibre. For information on Magnet’s services please visit or call 1800 789 789.