The highlights:

The Company

Legal & Equitable is a legal solutions centre. The agency was set up to introduce Irish clients to a variety of legal resources, with barristers and law firms located in Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe.

In 2014 Brian Reilly and colleague Tom Darcy established the agency to facilitate a Legal & Equitable conference to be held in Dublin. The conference was a huge success, and L&E was established as a partner agent for an international team of legal, financial and banking experts with a mandate to facilitate access for Irish clients.


The network was in place, but what next? For the process to run smoothly, the team had to be able to work together smoothly.  Devising a method to network across Ireland, Scotland, England and Germany posed several challenges for Legal & Equitable. With communication a central aspect of their work, a means to easily and reliably discuss between countries was a vital part in getting the project on its feet. And, as a not for profit organisation, they needed to ensure costs stayed low and predictable as well. So, they looked to Magnet for a solution.


“The VoIP system really does create the virtual office.”

Magnet has provided a solution that has taken the headache out of telecoms for Legal and Equitable – creating a virtual office that has made international communication seamless and efficient. Magnet’s VoIP (Voice over IP) system means that contacting colleagues abroad “feel like they’re in the office next door.”

Of course, cost is an essential aspect to consider for a not for profit agency like Legal & Equitable, and Magnet’s competitive and predictable pricing means they don’t have to worry about unforeseen costs each month. Not only this, Magnet’s system is entirely cloud-based, so there is no line rental charge.

“Communication is central to what we do at Legal & Equitable, and that puts Magnet right at the heart of our operation.” 

As Legal & Equitable look to the future – developing their service further with Magnet is a key part of their operation.

About Magnet Business

Awarded ICT Telecommunications Company of the Year in 2008, Magnet Business offers a range of broadband and phone solutions along with other services such as managed VPNs, IP transit solutions and national and international extensions over fibre. For information on Magnet’s services please visit or call 1800 789 789.