The highlights:

The Company

Petra Property Management deliver comprehensive property management solutions to developments ranging from 40 units up to 800 units in Dublin, Kildare, Meath and Wicklow. Established since 1997 Petra Property Management are always looking for innovative means to improve the efficiency of their business whether in development complexes or in their own office for example; operating a paperless office, offering immediate financial reporting.

“We’re focused on efficiency, we must be an efficient company and we must do everything efficiently. It puts us up there on a higher level.” – Joe Mason, Director of Petra Property Management.


Petra Property Management were facing an increasingly competitive space with higher consumer demands, rising costs and an ageing phone system that needed to be replaced.

Petra needed to extend their efficiency and operate in a leaner fashion whilst also maintaining a positive work environment for their staff.


From day 1 Petra experienced a change; their IVR had a professional edge that allowed their company to appear bigger and become more of an entity.

Improved Work Environment

The ambiance in their office improved due to a smart headsets decreasing noise levels from phones ringing and less desk clutter from clunky traditional telephone handsets. Magnet Voice’s desktop softphone fits in much better with the company’s desire for a cleaner work space. The environment is much more pleasant for the staff and gave everyone more space to operate from. The modern technology is aesthetically pleasing and gives employees the freedom to walk around the office while on the phone.

Call Identification

When a client calls Petra the name and address of the person dialing in appears on their computer screens, so the caller is identified before their call is even answered. This is very useful for the team because they can see who the person is, what development they are from, and what member of the team should deal with them straight away.

CRM Integration

Linking Magnet’s phone system to Petra’s CRM and accounts package has been a game-changer for Petra. When a customer phones in Petra can see if there is a service charge outstanding and the amount. This is important for the organisation because services are dependent on charges being paid so if they see an outstanding amount they can immediately bring it to the attention of the customer, this feature empowers their staff enormously by giving them all the information at their fingertips.

“People can’t believe there is such a system that can link a caller and an outstanding amount. We tell them that it’s a cloud based system and we include Magnet’s logo in our presentations. Indirectly it wins us new business because its shows the types of efficient operations we have in place.” Joe Mason, Director of Petra Property Management.

Click to Dial

Another feature that jumps out as making a great difference in their day-to-day communications is Magnet’s click to dial option.
“The click to dial facility is fantastic. Before we took on Magnet we measured it, and between lifting up the phone, dialling and waiting for a response it took 14 seconds. Now we simply highlight the number to dial, we can walk around or do whatever we like while the call is coming through. So if you multiply the number of calls: 50 calls per person multiplied by 10 people per day… the actual saving is equal to if not better than the cost of the new Magnet system.”

About Magnet Business

Awarded ICT Telecommunications Company of the Year in 2008, Magnet Business offers a range of broadband and phone solutions along with other services such as managed VPNs, IP transit solutions and national and international extensions over fibre. For information on Magnet’s services please visit or call 1800 789 789.