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An All-Star Dublin GAA player was on the ball when it came to using Magnet Networks to knock his fitness business into shape and get it tech-fit.

Health-conscious athlete Philly McMahon was never one to stand on the sidelines when it comes to progress and knew that Magnet Networks’ new Get Your Business Fit for 2018 initiative was going to achieve all his enterprise goals.

The author and lifestyle-coach runs the 8,000sq.ft BeDo7 gym in Finglas as well as the affordable meal delivery service FitFood for health-conscious eaters.

After assessing his tired and sluggish communications system, Philly decided it was time to get his technology as fighting fit as his clients and brought in Magnet Networks to turn his broadband, telephone and cyber security into one lean machine.

Magnet Networks recently launched its Get your Business Fit for 2018 initiative which offers a free advice service to improve existing service connections at a price that won’t make you sweat.

“Our system was extremely basic. The staff were using a dongle to access the internet which meant they were spending a lot of time logging on and off computers,” said Philly.

“It just made sense to get all three – broadband, telephone and cyber security – in one and we started the transformation in January.

“I shudder when I think how we survived before this and we only have it two months.

“All our staff are far more productive because they’re not spending time waiting for the computer to connect to the internet, so they can do more research and help clients more.”

The change-over has also helped the gym better embrace a MyZone system to monitor heart-rate and individually tailored workouts can now be downloaded faster.

“The gym members can also log in much easier and faster.”

Aside from the gym, the new, faster system is hugely benefitting Philly’s FitFood business.

The business uses chefs and nutritionists to prepare healthy meals which are then delivered to over 100 customers on a weekly basis.

“Magnet Networks has now made it easier to update the website, assess sales and marketing and enable us to forge ahead with expansion plans on a nationwide basis.

“One of my biggest passions is how the body works, how it moves and how it processes things and I can now see how Magnet Networks reacts in the same way to their communications systems,” he laughed.

“I’m delighted with Magnet Networks who I feel are really working with us to take our innovative culture further.”

Philly has also ensured all his clients personal information is secure and in line with new GDPR regulations which are to be enforced in the coming months.

The new EU data protection laws will come into play on May 25th this year and businesses not compliant could face hefty fines.

“We have a lot of members so it’s important for them to know that their personal details are secure. Customers should always feel comfortable about giving us important data.”

Philly recognised the importance of up-to-date data protection for his customers and is no stranger to compliance and governance with his new charity ‘Half Time Talk’ which will pilot with 16-26 year-old high risk adults in Ballymun.

The new Magnet Networks system will also help and nurture this project.

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