The highlights:

Tico is a leading supplier of mail, direct mail and postal fulfillment services in Ireland. Magnet’s services are helping Tico to:

  • Make impressive savings –
  • Effective Telworking –
  • Magnet’s service is helping staff work remotely


Previously Tico was with Imagine for their voice and data services. As part of an exercise in cost saving, IT Manager, Lee Murphy contacted Magnet Business to see if they could offer the same services at a lower cost. Murphy was also looking for a provider who could offer a more efficient service for redirecting calls to mobiles and for staff working from home, which was lacking from their previous provider.


Magnet’s hosted IP telephony service, known as Voicenet, was the service Tico opted for due to the lower telecoms costs and the fact that it removed the need for upfront capital expenditure on a phone system. It also had some excellent teleworking features such as call redirecting, remote extensions and voicemail to email.

For Murphy, the move to Magnet was seamless: “The whole process was quick and hassle free. The actual changeover on the day took about two hours and the downtime was minimal. Any glitches were ironed out immediately so I was really happy with this speedy approach.”


Murphy was also impressed from the very beginning with Magnet’s approach to reducing his bill: “I told Magnet what Imagine was charging us and they came back to me straight away to confirm that they could dramatically reduce our bill, while also offering us a better service.”

“From the offset, our account manager there was brilliant. Nothing was too much to ask, which is really important when you are responsible for a team of staff that are working both in the office and remotely.”

For Murphy, the service from Magnet helps makes his job easier: “Magnet are very efficient and also very proactive. If I ever have a problem, I can call them up and have it sorted instantly. They are also great about keeping me updated about other services that could help improve things for us in here.”

With the improved broadband service form Magnet, Tico were start using other online IT services the couldn’t avail of before: “The improved service from Magnet has allowed me to use an online backup system, so that if our system goes down for any reason, we are fully protected. This is something I wouldn’t have been able to consider before as the speeds were just not as good or as reliable.”

About Magnet Business

Awarded ICT Telecommunications Company of the Year in 2008, Magnet Business offers a range of broadband and phone solutions along with other services such as managed VPNs, IP transit solutions and national and international extensions over fibre. For information on Magnet’s services please visit or call 1800 789 789.