DIA: Dedicated Internet Access

Connecting your business virtually anywhere in Ireland. Watch the video to learn more.

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Dedicated to connecting you virtually anywhere in Ireland

Magnet Networks is Ireland’s largest connectivity network. That means we can now offer Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) virtually anywhere. DIA gives your business unlimited access to an internet connection that can handle massive data loads. A connection that’s more secure, more consistent and more flexible. DIA lets your business do far more. Whatever you do. Wherever you are.

Dedicated to delivering consistent speeds up to 10Gbps

With DIA, you never share bandwidth. So upload and download speeds are breathtakingly fast – and always synchronised. Your connection incorporates everything including a fully managed router plus DNS and IP address facilities. This means you retain full control – always.

Dedicated to supporting you when you most need it

Dedicated Internet Access is robust, resilient and totally reliable. VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol) and BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) routing ensures consistent service. And 24/7 support means you can rely on expert engineering assistance in an emergency. We’ll ensure your connection always delivers the performance you need. Whatever it takes.

Dedicated to offering you a bespoke connectivity solution

Magnet Networks will design the right DIA solution for your business. In some locations, an optical fibre connection is ideal. In more remote locations, a wireless radio link may be needed. Sometimes both are used in tandem. Your business size, budget and your data demands will shape the unique solution we offer you.

… to making you look incredible

Selecting a service provider isn’t easy if your business depends on the highest-quality connectivity. If you choose DIA from Magnet Networks, we’ll do whatever it takes to prove you made the right decision – and ensure your colleagues and customers experience unparalleled connectivity and security.

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