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Internet / Broadband

There are a number of reasons that your Broadband may not appear to be working. The following steps should help narrow down the issue.
  • Switch your router off and on again – And, if the equipment is hot, let it cool down and look for somewhere better ventilated to keep it.
  • Check your office network – If you have switches distributing your Internet connection around your office, please check the network for power and also that other users are not utilising all of the available bandwidth. Contact your IT department or IT Provider to assist you with Office Network issues.
  • Check software settings – If you’re Firewall or Anti-virus settings are incorrect, you may not be able to connect. Further details and other software checks can be found in How can software settings affect my connection?
  • Check there hasn’t been a problem with your bill – if a bill hasn’t been paid, we’ll initially suspend the broadband connection. Registered users can check this online: see If your bill needs to be paid

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Some firewall or anti-virus software can restrict or block information getting to and from the Internet which causes slow speeds or even makes it seem as though there is no connection at all.

  • Check that your firewall/anti-virus settings are compatible with the broadband connection.
  • Spywareadware and malware programs are not immediately obvious and may be running on your computer. Run a virus scan to check whether any of these programs exist on your computer and remove them.
  • If your Internet cache or temporary Internet files folder is full, your computer will have nowhere to store the data it’s downloading while it opens them up to build the page which can slow things down a lot.
  • If you are part of an office network please check with your IT Department or IT Service Provider that the network is operating correctly. Changes to the network or other users utilising the network may restrict or limit your access.

To Log on to the router make sure that the router is plugged in via cable to the pc.

Open a Browser page. In the address bar type the following.


You should see a screen as follows

(If you do not see this screen or your router has previously been reset, try the following address: //

Your Password should be the Customer DSL Password issued to your with your welcome pack. If you have reset the router it will be 1234.

Once you have input your password and clicked “Login” you may be asked a question about the using the “wizard” or go to “advanced mode” as shown below:

Select advanced mode and click APPLY

You will be presented with the following screen:


Select Network from the Menu on the left hand side to go to the following screen, followed by WAN and Internet Connection. You will see the following screen:

Check that the settings match the following:

  • ADSL Mode                           = Auto Sync-Up
  • Annex Type                = ANNEX A/L
  • Mode                           = Routing
  • Encapsulation              = PPPoE
  • User Name                  = DSL User Name
  • Password                     = DSL Password
  • Service Name              = Magnet
  • Multiplex                     = LLC
  • VPI                             = 8
  • VCI                             = 35
  • Obtain an IP Address Automatically
  • Keep Alive

On the left hand Menu – go to LAN, DHCP Server and DNS Server to see the following screen:

Check your settings to match to match the following;

  • Primary DNS Server               =
  • Secondary DNS Server           =


On the left hand Menu – go to NAT to see the following screen:

Select the following :

  • Active Network Address Translation
  • SUA Only

On the left hand Menu – go to Security to see the following Firewall Settings screen:

Set both Firewall and SPI to Disable

On the left hand Menu – go to Network, Wireless LAN to see the following screen:

Set Wireless LAN to Enable

This is also where you can change teh wireless channel if you are having trouble with your WiFi connection within your home due to interference.

Finally, on the left hand Menu – go to Network, WAN and Click Advanced Set-up to see the following screen:

If you have rest your router/modem then the MTU value will have reset to 1500. This will result in some web pages not being accessible. The correct setting is 1492.


Find out more about Magnet Networks participation in the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Ireland compliance scheme: WEEE for Magnet Networks

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