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Cloud Link

Move your business to the next level with the fastest broadband service available in the Irish Market.



Download / Upload speeds of up to 10Mb


Download / Upload speeds of up to 15Mb


Download / Upload speeds of up to 20Mb


Download / Upload speeds of up to 30Mb

Magnet has the ability to deliver 10mb/10mb, 15mb/15mb, 20Mb/20Mb and 30mb/30Mb uncontended SHDSL circuits to customers, using 5 or 8 analogue phone lines. The circuit is presented as a single Ethernet connection to the Client.

The circuit also has built in resilience. For example if a customer is using the 10Mb/10Mb service and one of his lines goes down his circuit will be stepped down to 8Mb/8Mb.

While the tail of the circuit is delivered to the Client via copper phone lines, the rest of the circuit utilizes our fibre optic infrastructure. Please see the below diagram for details on how the circuit is delivered:

Key Points

  • Speeds available 10Mb/10mb, 15Mb/15MB, 20Mb/20Mb and 30Mb/30Mb
  • Presented as a single Ethernet connection
  • Built in resilience
  • Exclusively available from Magnet Networks

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Magnet delivered our service promptly and without a hitch, we are completely satisfied with the performance and reliability.

David Ryan, Irish distillers

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