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Managed Hardware: LAN Switch

24 port cloud controlled switch

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Magnet LAN Switch gives super-fast connectivity between different devices on your network; desktops, phones, printers, etc. The switch has twenty four 1Gbps ports, two SFP ports and a switching capacity of 52 Gbps. Magnet LAN Switch has a Power over Ethernet (POE) capacity of 250W.

Magnet LAN Switch can be used in conjunction with Magnet Wi-Fi and Magnet Security Gateway. It allows you to create a secure and fast network that both your staff and guests can use.

Magnet LAN Switch is fully scalable to your business, with switches of varying capacity allowing your business to maintain the same level of connectivity as you grow.

The cloud controller feature also allows you to manage your network from anywhere.

Magnet LAN Switch is a managed service meaning you do not need any third party IT support, we do it all.

Key Points

  • Advanced port management
  • Optical fiber connectivity
  • Convenient PoE+ support
  • Cloud controller

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