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Range of up to 80 m with speeds of 200 mbps.

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Magnet Wi-Fi gives you the ability to have your entire business or building connected and in control. You can view the users and guests on your network and determine bandwidth allowances per user and impose application restrictions.

Magnet Wi-Fi provides long ranges and high speeds and is built for scalability.

The cloud control feature of this system allows you to login online and control your network from wherever you are in the world.

Magnet Wi-Fi allows you to capture guest login details, allowing you to reach out to guests with promotional offers.

There are three devices available; standard, larger indoor and exterior, meaning that all your requirements are covered.

Key Points

  • Amazing long ranges of up to 80m
  • Capture your guest user’s details
  • Scalable
  • Cloud controlller

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Magnet delivered our service promptly and without a hitch, we are completely satisfied with the performance and reliability.

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