Managed Hardware: Security Gateway - A Simple Way to Secure Your Network
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Managed Hardware : Security Gateway

A simple way to secure your network.

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Magnet Security Gateway is a network based firewall that operates on OSI layer 2 and layer 3 protocols e.g. access attempts to your private user network.

Magnet Security Gateway protects using Access Lists (ACLs) by allowing you to build a list of trusted IP addresses and gives port forwarding capabilities.

Magnet Security Network can split traffic into multiple logical networks so that one cannot be accessed from the other. This allows you to have a guest network without having to worry about unwanted users attempting to access your corporate network.

The quality of service feature on Magnet Security Gateway ensures your voice service or video service is given top priority on the network allowing you to have multiple users on your bandwidth and still be able to make lag free, clear calls.

The system is built for scalability which allows the system to grow as your company grows giving you flexibility and peace of mind to know that Magnet Wi-Fi is a right fit for your business.

Magnet’s cloud control feature enables you to control your gateway from anywhere, allowing you to always control what is going on in your network.

Magnet Security Gateway is a managed service meaning you do not need any third party IT support, we do all the rest.

Key Points

  • Network security
  • Secure communications
  • Quality of Service
  • Upgradeable
  • Cloud Controller

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