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Non Geo Numbers

Boost your national presence with our non-geographic in bound business numbers.

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We provide a range of Non-Geographic, number translation services, based on the method of billing:

  • The caller can pay all charges
  • The called party can pay all charges
  • The charges can be shared
  • Intelligent Call Routing enhances the functionality of the numbers, ensuring the calls are routed to the right person, First time, these services all give the impression of a nationwide presence and enhance customers service.

Types of Non Geo Numbers

Freephone Numbers:
  • Can be called free from anywhere in ROI (including mobiles)
  • Suitable for driving sales
  • More than 80% of people know that 1800 numbers cost nothing to call
  • Attracts potential customers by making it easy for them to call
  • Increases response rates from advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Freephone numbers give you a competitive marketing edge
Call Save 1850 Numbers:
  • Charged at a fee per call
  • the same cost regardless of the call duration
  • ideal for generating inbound calls without having to pay the full cost of the call
  • Ideal for promoting customer loyalty
Local Rate 1890 Numbers:
  • Charged at a local rate Suitable for long duration calls or technical support as the cost of the call is more evenly shared
  • Decreases costs as the caller contributes to the call charge
  • Charged by duration, price affected by time of day and weekends
  • Universal Access 0818 Numbers:
  • Similar to 1890 but difference is the way the service is billed
  • 0818 is a revenue share service (which means the called party receives a payment for the calls made to them)
  • Charged by duration, price affected by time of day and weekends

Key Points


  • Provides geographic and size anonymity – customers don’t know where you are based and what size of organisation you are
  • Incentivises customers to contact you


  • Ensures calls are routed to the most appropriate location first time, minimising multiple handling and mis-routing
  • Minimise capex outlay as all functionality is network based and charged on usage and monthly fee basis


  • Non Geo numbers are geographically independent can route to anywhere you like
  • Can vary the routing and features as your business demands
  • Can grow or shrink as your business requires
  • No limits on call volumes
  • Unlimited number of delivery locations
  • No cost implications for growing or shrinking – all usage based

National and International Available

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