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Magnet Accelerate for €28. Best value business call bundle. Exclusively available to new Magnet Networks customers.


Magnet Accelerate

Accelerate for €28

  • Unlimited calls to Irish and UK Landline Numbers*
  • Unlimited calls to Irish Mobile Numbers*
  • Guaranteed Hassle Free Transfer of phone lines
  • Can be used across multiple lines
  • 5% discount on standard line rental fees
  • 12 month contract term
  • Exclusively available to NEW Magnet Networks customers
  • €28 per month, excluding line rental fees.
  • All prices quoted ex. VAT
*Fair Usage Policy applies of a combined total usage of 2000 minutes per month. For full terms and conditions please see the Billing FAQs.

Key Points

Line Rental

  • Switch to us and save money
  • Enjoy a faster, better service
  • Keep your existing numbers
  • Lines and calls on one monthly bill
  • Hassle-free changeover


  • Save money against eir business line rental and call rates.
  • Keep your existing telephone numbers.
  • Rapid provisioning and installation process with status reports.
  • Excellent customer service through your personal account manager.
  • Simple billing - one monthly bill for all your calls and line rental.

Order Now 1800 819 888

Support 1800 789 789

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Switching to Magnet can save you money against eir business line rental and call rates, and you are still able to keep your existing telephone numbers. We can efficiently pre-qualify orders, transfer and provision lines, check if a number is suitable for transfer to a new address whilst on the phone, arrange analogue installation appointments, conduct tests for analogue line faults and supply you with status reports. We manage the whole process of ordering, installation, service and ongoing billing. We can install quickly, and we’ll provide you with a named, single point of contact for an excellent customer service experience. Billing is simple, as you will receive just one monthly bill for all your calls and line rental.

How it works

Gone are the days when businesses could only get their telephone lines installed, managed and billed by just one or two companies. You can now pay for your lines and calls on a single bill from Magnet. You save money and enjoy a faster, better service. We’ll manage the entire process, from ordering and installing to service and billing. You can even keep your existing telephone number.

Who is it for?

This highly-responsive service is particularly beneficial to companies that are expanding geographically and are adding new sites. It’s also useful for organisations that are event- driven and need to act quickly, such as the emergency services. Organisations that need temporary lines for special events such as exhibitions, or alternative locations in case of emergencies can also benefit from our line rental services.


Magnet delivered our service promptly and without a hitch, we are completely satisfied with the performance and reliability.

David Ryan, Irish distillers

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