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Public Space Wi-Fi

Magnet Networks is now Ireland’s leading provider of high-quality wi-fi in public spaces and urban centres.

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Many local authorities, business park and other public spaces now offer access to high-quality free wi-fi.

While it’s very convenient for the public, Public Space Wi-Fi also delivers clear benefits to whoever offers it:

Increase footfall and dwell time

Want to attract and retain people to a certain location? Offering access to wi-fi will encourage visits and entice people to stay there longer.

Publicise the location

High quality public wi-fi encourages people to share photos and videos of where they are, particularly if it’s photogenic or noteworthy. In effect, this creates free publicity for the location.

Revenue opportunity

Revenue from advertising carried on log-in pages can be shared between Magnet Networks and the owner or operator of the public space.

Analysis & information

Public space wi-fi can generate large amounts of high-quality, non-personalised insights and information. For example, footfall and traffic flows can be monitored minute-by-minute. This allows opening times, access points and services to be managed far more efficiently.

Important schemes (such as the Purple Flag initiative which aims make public areas safer at night)can also be managed far more efficiently using information provided by public space wi-fi.

Magnet Networks: the public space experts

To date, we have installed public space wi-fi in nine large towns nationwide which are taking part in the Ireland Free Wi-Fi scheme. This has given Magnet Networks deep insight into how public wi-fi can be installed quickly, effectively and in way that benefits the public and provider equally.

Case Study

Making free wi-fi a reality in Galway, Ireland

Thanks to Magnet Networks, over 30,000 visitors to Galway city centre now make use of free wi-fi each month. Working with Galway city council, 33 access points have been installed to ensure a consistent, GDPR-compliant service that can be accessed 24 hours a day. The service is even bilingual, recognising the importance of the Irish language in the region.

Driving better policymaking

The council now has a constant source of information about how people move around the city centre. This gives stakeholders including traffic managers, event managers and the Gardai a far clearer idea of how and when the city’s spaces are used. Armed with these insights, resources can be allocated more efficiently and economically. View in Action

A source of revenue

Galway City Council now works with the Galway Advertiser to use the wi-fi access screen as a valuable advertising medium for local businesses. This is a genuine win-win: not only is Galway free wi-fi a useful source of revenue for the council, it also allows businesses a chance to reach people in their immediate vicinity.

Got a WiFi4EU voucher?

If you have a funding voucher from the WiFi4EU scheme, contact Magnet Networks to see how you can use it to make free public wi-fi a reality in your area: