SD-WAN | Unlocking your network’s full potential
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Standing for Software-Defined Wide Area Network, SD-WAN manages data traffic in a way that uses your network’s resources far more efficiently. Besides enhancing user experience and offering greater control and agility, SD-WAN delivers full visibility of your entire network on a single screen.

Unlocking your network’s full potential

Centralised networks channel data back and forth between users via a central hub. Now, with the widespread adoption of cloud-based applications, a far more efficient way to manage network traffic has emerged.

SD-WAN intelligently controls broadband resources, directing them where they’re needed most. In practice, this means not routing everything through a single point which can sometimes degrade the performance of cloud-based applications.

Instead, the network delivers the same high quality user experience at all its locations. SD-WAN automatically allocates the bandwidth, security and encryption that applications need. This means your network’s resources can operate far more efficiently at all times.

At the same time, SD-WAN ensures central control by offering complete network visibility. This reveals exactly where and how resources are being used – so, for example, if intense video calling is making heavy bandwidth demands in one area of the network, this will be seen in real time.

  • SD-WAN is overlaid on your existing network, allowing it to evolve and maximise the possibilities of cloud-based applications such as Microsoft 365 and Salesforce.
  • Adopting SD-WAN involves minimum disruption to your network and staff. The solution is pre-configured according to your needs and augments, rather than replaces, existing equipment.
  • Magnet Networks’ SD-WAN solution automatically recognises different applications. It then configures your network’s performance to each app’s specific requirements.

Key benefits

If your organisation relies on cloud-based applications and needs to maximise the performance of your existing network, SD-WAN offers key commercial and technical benefits:

Dedicated support

A dedicated team of support technicians can be contacted at Our extended-hours Irish based call centre can also answer any questions seven days a week.

Enabling digital transformation

Today, digital transformation is a fact of life for forward-looking organisations. SD-WAN adds the control and flexibility your existing network needs in order to maximise the opportunities and efficiencies promised by cloud-based technologies.

Flexibility & agility

Bypassing a rigid hub-and-spoke network configuration, adopting a SD-WAN solution will make your network more agile and better able to cope with unexpected demands. Magnet Networks will apply a bespoke SD-WAN solution designed for your network’s requirements and scale.

Control & Security

Threat protection is assured as advanced multilayer security encrypts all data from the edge of your WAN to the cloud. At the same time, complete control is assured and full visibility of network traffic is available at all times.

SD-WAN: unlocking your network’s full potential