Cybersecurity: Is your company protected?

mark kellett

Magnet Networks CEO Mark Kellett

Our recent Magnet Networks cyber security awareness survey found that 171,000 businesses in the State could be vulnerable to crippling ransomware attacks. 

The nationwide survey found that 48% of all businesses have no cyber security policy in place, with a further 27% acknowledging that either their security needs tightening or they are completely unsecure.

In a year where the two biggest global threats against business were both ransomware attacks, we have decided to offer Irish businesses the most secure product on the market – Magnet Protect – for free for six months.

Cybercrime is only going to get worse. Right now, these attacks are making headlines but this happens at a business level every day.

26% of businesses surveyed have suffered from cyber attacks in the past two years, with a further 18% unsure if they have been affected.

We found that only 13% of respondents think that their business is very secure – and in the absolute world of cyber attacks you are either totally secure or you are vulnerable in some way.

A quarter of all respondents said that either the business owner, or no-one at all, was responsible for cyber security in the business.

72% of those surveyed believe that their businesses will be protected simply by better employee awareness and businesses rated themselves as only 42% aware of their obligations regarding the upcoming GDPR compliance which comes into effect in May 2018.

The issues we see are magnified in small businesses with under 10 employees – 68% of respondents have no policy in place and one third of all business admit to having no cyber protection in place.

In 72% of businesses under ten employees, which make up 92% of all companies in the State, network security is looked after by either the business owner, the office manager or, in 9% of cases, no-one at all.

We are pleased to say that no business using the Magnet Protect system, were affected in any way by the recent Wannacry and Petya global cyber attacks.

Magnet Protect, built on the world’s leading security platform Palo Alto Networks, is the ultimate protection for your business.

Our free six months of Magnet Protect has no strings and no contracts. You simply sign a no-fee agreement for six months and you are free to walk away at the end.

At the very least, as a business owner you will have six months to concentrate on the people who want to business with you, not the cyber criminals constantly knocking on your virtual back door.

Powered by Palo Alto Networks this solution delivers a firewall that’s been designed from the ground-up to be truly application-aware giving you the control you need to apply your own security policy.

Magnet Protect removes the need for ‘blanket bins’ and allows you to give role-based and time-based access to applications.

The main worry looking at the state of Irish cyber defences nationally is that 84% of businesses surveyed have anti-virus software installed, with 65% combine this with a firewall.

However, the proliferation of new types of malware means traditional anti-virus solutions are no longer as effective as they were in the past.

They are constantly playing catch up, leaving computer networks vulnerable to attack.

 Unfortunately, we are finding that just because you have a box in the corner that the IT department calls a firewall doesn’t mean you are protected.

Software patches and security updates are what make traditional anti-virus solutions ineffective as they are constantly playing catch up, leaving unsecure software vulnerable to attack.

Companies need to have a next generation application-aware firewall along with advanced endpoint protection making it very difficult for ransomware to disrupt networks and systems so that zero-day ransomware protection instantly stops an attack.

 There are certain stages that malware must go through in able to function, and businesses need to employ real time protection that can identify, isolate and educate on each new piece of malware as it happens.

A cyber security policy is the cornerstone of protection against attacks that can collapse a business.

Magnet Protect will protect your network and empower your employees by giving them safe access to the applications they need to help your business succeed.

To find out more on how to be cyber safe and GDPR compliant, for free, with Magnet Protect, see