Magnet attracts Siro business broadband contract

Magnet Networks has secured the first contract to deliver business broadband over Siro’s network across Ireland.

Siro, which is a joint project between ESB and Vodafone, reaches 242,000 premises across Ireland. Approximately 36,000 of these are business premises.

“Fifteen per cent of the 242,000 doors passed by Siro are businesses, many of which need the consistent speeds and guaranteed up- loads that Magnet Networks can now offer,” Stephen Brewer, managing director of Magnet, said.

“This business-class service is not actively available on the market and is a significant step up from the standard service on Siro.”

The Magnet Networks package is priced from €277 per month for 100gb to €577 for the 1gb symmetric service, and includes Cisco equipment.

“Launching on Siro further expands us as Ireland’s largest connectivity network. We will be offering high speeds, reliability and a business service back-up which is not available on the market at the moment,” Brewer said.

“With one call, we guarantee we can instantly tell a business every service that is available to their premises from all operators – and we will have a solution no matter where they are in the country.”

Magnet Networks has also announced the launch of Broadband Anywhere, a mobile product targeting businesses currently on low speeds to upgrade their connectivity.

It operates on a separate platform and use 4G networks to reach businesses outside of Siro’s network.

“Broadband Anywhere is great news for companies who are currently struggling with a very basic or no connection,” said Brewer.

“The product will not only deliver for rural businesses, but also provide a low-cost, high-capacity back-up service to companies for whom continuity of supply is key, especially as cloud services expand.”

Source: Business Post

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