Summarised: How Big Data Will Transform Our Economy And Our Lives In 2015

Only have 15 secs? Here’s Techcrunch’s article on ‘How Big Data Will Transform Our Economy And Our Lives In 2015’ summarised

  • 2015 may well be the year we start to see the true potential (and real risks) of how big data can transform our economy and our lives.
  • What could happen if my company’s data is made public and how could my data be used against me? And of course, security software companies are investing in big data analytics to help companies better protect against future attacks.
  • Expect the government to continue to make government data more “liquid” and useful and for companies to put the data to creative use.
  • Open access to weather data powers the company’s insurance products and Internet software, which helps farmers manage risk and optimize their fields.
  • The successful real estate media site uses federal and local government data, including satellite photography, tax assessment data and economic statistics to provide potential buyers a more dynamic and informed view of the housing market.
  • Even as we engage in a vibrant discussion about the need for personal privacy, “big data” pushes the boundaries of what is possible in health care.
  • Big data analytics has the potential to disrupt the way we practice health care and change the way we think about our wellness.
  • From Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to adaptive learning technologies that personalize the delivery of instructional material to the individual student, educational technology thrives on data.


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