Why connectivity is essential to your business?

(E-MIT Solutions Guest Blog): As more and more businesses are moving into the online sphere, connectivity has never been more critical. The integration of e-commerce, digital marketing, social media communications and Cloud services into traditional business models means that the majority of companies simply cannot function without a reliable broadband connection. This is particularly true of businesses that rely heavily on Cloud technology. As adoption rates increase so too does the demand for powerful, high-speed connectivity. In their most recent statistics for Quarter 4 2013, ComStat put total broadband subscriptions in Ireland at 1,674,990.[1] Government initiatives such as the National Broadband Plan are currently working to improve the delivery of broadband coverage throughout Ireland with particular focus on rural areas.

Though most of us are well versed in the advantages of Cloud services, it is worthwhile mentioning a few benefits here. These include greater flexibility, improved collaboration and increased security and disaster recovery. Cloud is revolutionising the way we do business, particularly in the SME sector. For the first time, smaller companies have access to tools and software previously only available to large enterprises with big IT budgets. However, all of this is dependent on one crucial element: good connectivity. Without this, IT, and indeed, most of our business operations experience downtime.

With this in mind, choosing the right broadband provider is critical to ensuring your business functions as necessary. This not only means getting the fastest speed, but also ensuring your service is supported by a technical team, service level agreements are in place and the price is competitive. It is also worth exploring other data services that your broadband provider may be able to offer. These include VoIPs (Voice over Internet Protocol) which allow calls and voice messaging to be carried out over the internet. Services such as this will reduce the need for hardware and large-scale infrastructure investment.

The importance of a quality broadband connection lends itself to the numerous online sales and marketing opportunities available. Alongside this, businesses can improve their IT infrastructure and business processes by adopting Cloud services. Ultimately, high-speed connectivity will not only improve your online experience, but will allow you to reach new markets, add to profitability, gather information and make strategic decisions for the benefit of your company.

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